I was born into a very deprived family and times were rough and full of injustice. My Parents capitalized on having five children and claiming from the state for all of us throughout our childhood.

My Father was a serious sex offender who was never brought to Justice and in 2004 I decided to write my memoirs.  Little did I know that the book would become a Number One Sunday Times Bestseller for weeks.

It was the start for me to re-claim my life and show everyone that there was life after abuse. I continued the first book with a follow up which was again very well received. Three more books followed and I am still writing now!

I’ve never been one to sit on my laurels and at an early age after being forced to leave school, I decided to do a part time course for my academic qualifications. I did what I set out to do and finally got a degree in English.

Jenny Tomlin is the second oldest of five siblings. She educated herself to A-level standard and started writing a few years ago. Her most fulfilling role has been as a mother to her children – celebrated actress Martine McCutcheon and her son LJ – giving them the stability and love she never received herself.

Jenny Tomlin’s childhood was brutal and miserable as she grew up suffering extreme poverty, domestic violence and sexual abuse from her father, and neglect from her mother. Her only allies at home were her brother and sister and their great aunt, who would often provide a temporary comfortable home. From the age of four, Jenny and her siblings would scavenge for food and rarely receive a decent meal at their home. Their father started conning benefits from the welfare state and would earn extra money by selling the children’s birthday presents.

Jenny told the story of her abusive past in her bestselling books, ‘Behind closed doors,’ ‘Send me no Flowers,’ ‘Silent Sisters,’ ‘Sweetie’ and ‘Not Alone.’ She is now a highly respected and successful author.

Jenny was the sexual exploitation ambassador for Barnardos, she is a regular on the late late show BBC Radio and is currently writing a stage play for her bestselling book, voices of victims.

Jenny is also undergoing life changing surgery and a complete health 360- you can follow Jenny’s journey through the highs and lows of diet, exercise and surgery by reading her latest blog post here http://jennytomlin.com

Jenny is also a sought after speaker and tours the Country giving talks on Life after Abuse, Awareness and Child Sex Exploitation. Please contact JJB Creative for more information.

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